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And, now that that's out of the way...


April 25, 2011

There’s an everyday herb for you. Almost everyone eats it (except for a few crazy people who don’t like it, or live in a small remote corner of the world that has never heard of garlic, if that’s possible), but relatively few people realize how wonderful it actually is.
And, why am I starting with this? Because I am currently in the middle of consuming vast quantities of it raw. O.k. perhaps vast quantities is a slight exaggeration. Since, even if you love garlic and have taste buds dimmed by illness, you can only eat so much raw. (I’m sure there are much more talented garlic eaters out there unknown to myself at this time).

So, why am I doing this? You guessed it, I am sick (or maybe I mentioned that in the preceding paragraph, either way). And having learned years ago from the School of Natural Healing all about garlic and it’s wonderful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, I know how beneficial it can be in kicking this cold before I am down with it for weeks, which seems to be the current trend. Perhaps I should mention that it’s taken me about 10 years to get to this point, at first I thought…
Just eat raw garlic! Yeah, great, and how do I gag that down? And now, having discovered new and relatively pleasant ways to consume the requisite amount of raw garlic, I thought I’d share.
Just add it to whatever you’re eating. That’s my new tip, as of today, when I noticed my taste buds aren’t too sensitive right now. The guacamole I had just made, with a clove of freshly diced garlic, tasted awfully bland, so I added another clove. Really, I think with this cold I could have added one or two more and been perfectly happy with it. For dinner we had a Lentil-Rice Casserole, which also tasted really bland to me, so to my personal serving I added a few more chopped garlic cloves. I’ll admit, that was a tiny bit spicy, but who cares, 4 raw garlic cloves down!